Omega Meds Clenbuterol 100 tablets / 40mcg


Buy Online Omega Meds Clenbuterol 100 tablets / 40mcg SALE
Product Code: 100 tablets / 40mcg
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Product Description

Buy Online Omega Meds Clenbuterol 100 tablets / 40mcg SALE

Product Code: 100 tablets / 40mcg
Availability: Yes

Buy Clenbuterol Omega Meds (100 Pills) Easily and Securely In Our Site! We have the best possible online service and guarantee the reliability of your purchase.
Clenbuterol Omega Meds in a pack of 100 tablets – not a steroid medicine, as many believe. However, by many criteria it is similar to an anabolic steroid and in many experiments clenbuterol has been shown to have anabolic properties.
First, it has a potent anti-catabolic effect (reducing muscle protein breakdown after taking anabolic drugs).
Perhaps this is a good preparation for maintaining muscle mass after a steroid cycle. Most bodybuilders like to use Clenbuterol immediately after a steroid cycle with anabolic steroids, and it is also a very good choice when the goal is to burn fat.

We give a 100% guarantee for the originality of the products from Omega Meds.

How to use Clenbuterol (40mcg / 100 tab) from Omega Meds

The recommended dose of the drug is 20-100 (120) mcg per day (usually divided into two equal doses).
Also keep in mind that administration usually starts with minimal doses, ie. 20-40 mcg per day, and then gradually increase the number of pills for maximum effect observed at a dose of 100-120 micrograms. The optimal intake of Clenbuterol Omega Meds is 3-4 weeks – for relief or for those who wish to maintain the muscle mass gained during the steroid cycle.
Experienced athletes can spend longer cycles, but unpleasant consequences can occur.

Side effects of Clenbuterol Omega

The main side effects of Clenbuterol – shaking (tremor) of the hands, palpitations and sweating. The rest of the side effects are mild and do not have much effect on the body (intermittent nausea, anxiety).

All the side effects described above can be avoided when taken less than 6 weeks. It should be noted that we do not note all the negative effects that the substance can have, but it is generally chemically harmless (when the optimal daily dose is observed).